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Law Firm Blogging Services for Attorneys

Congratulations on your new website! Now what? Now you create alluring and informative content, i.e. a blog, to attract visitors to your site. No sweat, right? We understand that there are many reasons why an attorney may choose not to publish a blog, not having the time being the biggest among them. But let us just say this: regularly adding content to your website through a blog will dramatically increase its success.  A blog will:  

  1. Improve Your Google rankings
  2. Allow Potential Clients to Find You
  3. Showcase Your Expertise
  4. Answers Frequently Asked Client Questions
  5. Grow Firm Reputation 

See our article Why My Law Firm Should Have a Blog for a more in-depth look at the benefits a blog can have on your business.   

We understand that creating fresh and relevant content can be difficult.  Writing quality content that will be noticed by search engines and showcase your expertise to potential clients takes time and skill.  Let our attorney writers at The New Attorney help.

Hiring an Attorney Ghostwriter

Since time is sparse in a growing law firm, many attorneys turn to a ghostwriter to meet their online content goals. Given the time it will take to research, write, and revise a single article, hiring a ghostwriter is the more cost-effective option.  

 More importantly, a good ghostwriter does not merely recycle old articles from a "content farm" or cut-and-paste from other industry blogs.  Similar to hiring a PR or marketing professional, ghostwriting involves a close collaboration between lawyer and writer to put your firm’s expertise, character, and message into just the right words to reach your audience. 

Our Blogging Services

  • Creation of a strategic content plan based on marketing goals
  • Direct and transparent communication between attorney and writer
  • Writing on topics provided by the attorney
  • Propose article topics based on specialty and goals
  • Editorial review of attorney generated articles
  • SEO/keyword optimization of previous or new content
  • Selection of supporting imagery, infographics, videos
  • Internal links to key pages of the law firm's website
  • Creation of SEA friendly titles and metadata
  • Implementation of “calls to action” to further reader engagement
  • Managing all aspects of the draft, review and posting calendar
  • Posting the articles on the attorney’s website
  • Backend analytics on the success, engagement, and click-through rates of articles

Do you need a ghostwriter for something other than blogging? Check out our full range of writing services for attorneys.

Write Your Own Blog, But Not Getting Much Traction?

Want to want to write your own blog but don't have the time to fine-tune and maximize the impact of your articles? The New Attorney's writing team also offers editorial review, SEO suggestions, and a traffic analysis for blog articles that you write yourself. This is an ideal option for attorneys who wish to write but have no desire to become an SEO or marketing analytics expert.

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