Our Company

The New Attorney is a website design and marketing company tailored specifically for small to mid size law firms and solo practitioners.  


Our Philosophy

On Website Design

We value that every client is unique in their expertise, experience, and personality. It is important to effectively communicate each firm's uniqueness to potential clients. After all, choosing the right attorney can often be a very personal decision. Through personalized website design and purposeful content strategy,  our team can showcase the distinctive qualities of your firm and the individual personalities of its attorneys.

On Content

No doubt you've heard the saying "Content is King" but what does that mean exactly?  It means that the words, pictures, video, and graphics on your website are the first thing that a potential client will see. So what do you have to say? Our content team is composed of professional attorneys and writers, each equipped with the knowledge of what it takes to succeed in the legal arena. Let us help you find your unique voice and set you apart. Although we always keep an eye on keywords and analytics, quality writing and tailored graphics will always be our top priority.  It is our job is to craft content that conveys your expertise and highlights your personality; not merely throw together some keyword casserole to drive website traffic. 

On Marketing

Marketing in the digital age can be confusing and extremely time-consuming.  Most attorneys find it difficult to sift through the tech-jargon, understand how all the pieces work, what is needed, or when it becomes necessary to outsource or automate the process. Our marketing team at The New Attorney takes a walk-jog-run approach to law firm marketing. We can teach clients how to do the things they can't outsource, give ongoing guidance, and/or provide them with practical and transparent services for the things they shouldn't do on their own. Our goal is to help attorneys understand how to market their business so that they can focus on and help more clients. 

On Customer Service

If there is one thing that we are passionate about, it is great customer service. At The New Attorney, we take the time necessary to understand our clients' goals and expectations. Once we have that baseline, we work to not only meet but exceed those expectations.