Online Marketing and SEO


You want clients & cases? We send them through Google searches with online marketing strategies directly to your website, looking for your law services. 

How do we do this? With over 15 years experience of marketing online and specifically, with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There's a lot written on every marketing website about SEO and how it is an essential part of lead generation and eCommerce sales. Fortunately you don't need to become an expert at Google because we are.

The New Attonery SEO Strategies

What You Do Need To Know 

As a legal professional, you're only responsibility should be law.

What we do is...

  • Get Your Law Services Ranked In Google. So that people searching Google on their desktops can find you (Organic SEO)

  • Get Your Office Location Ranked In Google Maps so people searching from their phones can find you FIRST (Local SEO)

  • Help you get the most out of your social connections

  • Bring immediate leads and accounts through Ad Campaigns that also help your Google Rankings. 

  • Content management that is engaging, informative and highly optimized to keep your practice at the top of Google and on the minds of those seeking council.

  • Email list building that builds trust with your audience and followers.